About Me

I’m Sandra, a Single Female Do-It-Yourselfer (SFDIYer) who is taking on a mostly-original 1963 Levitt house, mostly on my own.  I had an epiphany that my favorite DIY TV shows, magazines and blogs all have something I don’t–a team of people dedicated to finishing the project.

My goal with this blog is to show you cool home projects for one. In most every project I’ve done in the 15 years since I bought my house, I’ve had to figure out ways around the problem of having only two hands (if you’e ever tried to hang drywall yourself, you’ll understand). I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned and hearing what you’ve figured out as well. DIYers unite!

The dog photos aren’t just shameless promotion:  The only thing I love more than a challenging home project is my pack of rescue dogs. Connor, Tessa and Cassie are the loves of my life, and making life comfortable for all of us influences my choices in both the process and the results. You can expect a regular “Doggie DIY” feature, showing you my canine-centric reno choices. Some are for day-to-day living; some are to keep Connor from repainting the walls with his coat while I’m working on another part of the project.

Own your home, own your reno. Together, we’ll all figure it out.

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