The Lillian Shelf, Part (Coat?) One

I’m picking up where I left of with “The Lillian Shelf: Making the ’60s work in 2015.”

Irony: I tagged Amy Howard at Home in my first Facebook post about this blog, and folks there responded:


Yeah, I don’t think they’re going to find this series a whole lot of fun. Mainly because I see a whole lot of not fun in my future to make The Lilllian Shelf useable with “One Coat Paint.”

As in, this could take all week when all I wanted was a way to get my extraneous shoes off the floor.

I watched the Ace Hardware video and did exactly what I saw Amy Howard do–used a new, good-quality brush, offloaded a lot of the paint before applying brush to bookshelf, let the paint dry for several hours.  I didn’t expect the finish to be mirror-like smooth–particularly where the wood was gouged–but I didn’t expect this, either:


That’s one heavy coat, applied with a brush.

Next up: One coat, applied with a roller. (Spoiler alert: “Not Today and Tomorrow’s Not Looking Good Either”)

2 thoughts on “The Lillian Shelf, Part (Coat?) One

  1. Hi Sandra! Thank you so much for being willing to blog about our products! We are so saddened to see that your retail outlet did not properly provide you with the critical education about this paint! We wanted to clarify that our product is NOT called “One Coat Paint”—it is called “One Step Paint”, meaning, painting is the only step.
    We do not claim that this paint completely covers with one coat–simply that this product eliminates the typical re-finishing steps of sanding and priming, and lets the user jump straight to painting!

    In our tutorials, we are clear that multiple coats of paint are needed. From:
    “Step 4:
    Start Painting! Using a clean Amy Howard Home 2” flat brush, start with a thin bottom coat in each color. Allow the paint to FULLY dry between coats. Two coats of each color are generally needed for full coverage.”

    It may make sense to use the “cross-hatch” brush pattern as demonstrated in this how-to video:

    This paint will cover basic inconsistencies, but if the piece has deep gouges (the paint is not grout or putty) it will not fill deep scratching and pitting.

    I hope this makes clear to your readers that our product is NOT a One Coat Paint, nor ever makes that claim, but a One Step Paint that eliminates sanding and priming! Please message us @!


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